When I called my mom on a rainy day, she couldn’t hear me. I kept yelling into the phone receiver “My windshield is broken,” and finally she understood what I was talking about and texted me the number for Precision Auto Glass. I knew the same thing had happened to her a while back and she said she had received exceptional service from Precision Auto Glass.

The best part was I already knew that they were great– I just didn’t know the name or number I needed in order to call them and tell them to come to my house and fix my windshield. In fact, if I had come upon my broken windshield issue while I was at work, they could have helped me there. And because I was on the side of the road in Sacramento, they could help me there too!

I can’t tell you how great it was to have immediate help available when my windshield cracked all the way across because of a random rock that popped up at me on the freeway. Precision Auto Glass is definitely a business card I keep on hand. If not for me, for someone else whom fate befell.

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