I just started a new blog called Exploring Sacramento. The blog will be about my life in Sacramento, and will chronicle my daily activities as I remodel my home. Exploring Sacramento will not only layout the day to days of my remodel, but also give critiques of the companies I use along the way.

I’ve decided instead of trying to do the remodel myself, I’m going to use local companies that specialize in what they do. So far some of the companies I’ve used are American Window Manufacturing, a window replacement and shower door company in Sacramento, Countertop Designs, a kitchen and bathroom countertop company in Sacramento and Roseville, and Premier Remodel, a full service kitchen and bathroom remodling company in Sacramento.

If you have some time, please check out the new blog as I promise to keep it entertaining and updated with new, fresh and original content. For more information about my new blog venture, please visit Exploring Sacramento.

I would also like to take a moment to thank our readers at Global Drylands. Even though I’m diving a new venture, I’ll keep this Global Drylands going and stay committed to the same quality I’ve stuck to over the years. Cheers.


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