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All New Smiles is a cosmetic dentist in Piedmont & San Francisco that specializes in veneers, Invisalign and full mouth reconstruction. When you are in their care, you can expect to receive the very best care from the moment you walk into the office until even after your procedure is done. Dr. Josh Bernstein is highly educated and trained in cosmetic dentistry San Francisco and truly cares for the well being and satisfaction of his patients.

So many patients from All New Smiles have been happy with the service, care and results they received from All New Smiles that they recommend our services to friends and family. This is very common as many people are looking for references as to a personal experience with a particular cosmetic dentist.

No matter what it is you’re looking for, All New Smiles can provide the service you need. All New Smiles offers Invisalign, veneers, dentures, bonding, all white fillings and so much more. Plus, they have state of the art technology that will ensure your best comfort and results. What more could you want? Call All New Smiles today for an initial appointment!

Cosmetic Dentistry Video:

When I got promoted, I waffled about what I was going to treat myself to with some of my raise money. After seeing an advertisement for All New Smiles, a cosmetic dentist in Piedmont, I decided that getting veneers would be the best way to spend m money. Instead of buying new shoes or a new car, I would be getting a new smile!

A new smile is the gift that keeps on giving. Because of my crooked teeth, I didn’t freely smile as much as I should. My teeth aren’t awful, but they were certainly not something I was proud of, either. I was pretty excited when I realized that I was going to be able to smile indiscriminately. I honestly think it will be even better for my job performance because I’m in sales!

Of course I don’t think that cosmetic surgery is always the best solution for feelings of insecurity, but I do think it can be used as a tool, especially because sometimes all you need is a compliment or two to make you fee just a little bit better about yourself. Josh Bernstein, DDS of All New Smiles helped me see my own potential and changed the way I see myself.

My job recently relocated me to Roseville, so our entire family just moved out here. We finally got situated and settled in, but needed to find a new dentist for the family. We wanted one that was kid friendly and that offered state of the art oral care. Roseville General Dentist was an easy choice for us. I went in for an appointment first to check it out and was so impressed. It’s very friendly for kids and the family and is just an all around great experience.

I was greeted by friendly staff members and you could tell that that they truly care about their job and about improving the lives of their customers. They love what they do and it shows. They cleaned my teeth better than anyone has in years. They do a great job of letting you know everything they are doing so there’s no surprises.

I can’t wait for the rest of the family to go into Roseville General Dentist for their tooth cleanings and to use them for all of our oral care needs in the future. They are the best around. They offer great services, anything you could ever need, and were extremely helpful. It’s great to know such great service is still around these days!

I live in Fair Oaks and needed a new dentist for our family. I had heart that Fair Oaks & Carmichael Dentist My Tooth Spa offers great oral care for families, so I scheduled an appointment to try them out. Their office is great and very welcoming. It’s much cleaner than others I have seen. The staff is also very friendly and they were accommodating of my busy schedule.

When they took me back for my cleaning I feel relaxed and was confident I had chosen the right place. They explained everything they were doing to me and made sure I was okay with it. They made me feel right at home, which is a rarity for a dentist. They did a great job on my teeth.

If you live in the are and are looking for a dentist or just aren’t happy with the one you’re at now, definitely check out My Tooth Spa. They have locations in Roseville, Fair Oaks and Carmichael so you have plenty of options depending on where you live. I promise you’ll be happy with their service!

My Tooth Spa in Carmichael and Fair Oaks has been my family’s dentist for 3 years now and we couldn’t be happier with their services. It’s a very friendly environment and the employees are great with the kids. No matter what the problem, they have been able to help us and keep our oral health where it should be.

I also have had issues with gum disease and they have been extremely helpful for me. They’ve helped me get back on track with my oral care in order to keep my current gum problems in check as well as prevent any from popping up in the future. Because I’ve had gum issues it’s especially important to me that my kids learn proper oral care so that they don’t suffer from the same problems down the road.

At my tooth spa the staff takes their time and explains everything to you. They educate you on everything that’s going on, every option you have and what you need to do in every situation. They have helped educate my kids on the proper ways to take care of their teeth and gums and how to prevent cavities and gum disease. It’s a great environment with great health care professionals always at your service, and My Tooth Spa has truly made a difference for us.