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When it comes to having the chore of getting your windshield repair in Sacramento, it’s important to find someone you trust because really, you’re putting your life on the line. That’s why Precision Auto Glass is such a great choice for getting your windshield replaced in Sacramento. They are super fast and convenient (they come to you), and you can also get your windshield installed for free because they work directly with your insurance company.

Precision Auto Glass is SUPER convenient! Even when you are totally down and out and need your windshield to be replaced or repaired, Precision Auto Glass can help you get that taken care of quickly! In fact, they come to you! They’ll come to your home, your office, even the side of the road! They are a mobile business created to be convenient for someone like you!

Another great thing about Precision Auto Glass is that they accept most major insurance companies. And that means that you could get a FREE windshield because they work directly with your insurance company for billing. So, yes, this company will go to the trouble of coming to YOU for windshield repair as well as providing FREE services. Precision Auto Glass is truly the best place you can take your car for windshield replacement Sacramento!

When it comes to finding the rarest and most collectable gold coins in San Francisco, Oxbridge House is the only place to go! Even if you’re not buying, it’s the best option for buying OR selling gold coins. Oxbridge House has an excellent team who is trying to get you the best price for all gold coins. That’s why they’ve been around for so long!


Located in San Francisco, Oxbridge House is the No. 1 destination in Northern California for buying and selling gold coins. Oxbridge House has a lot of local clients, but they also have many clients who travel just to work with Oxbridge House because of the service they receive. But more than that, Oxbridge House simply has the best selection of gold coins in all of California!


So, the next time you need to buy or sell gold coins San Francisco, make sure you visit Oxbridge House. When you chose Oxbridge House over another company, you are guaranteed to leave a satisfied customer because the employees of Oxbridge are some of the nicest and smartest people around. Don’t go anywhere else to buy or sell gold coins!

We just moved into a new home in San Jose. Well, it was new to us, but not entirely new. One thing that desperately needed to be replaced was the windows. They were quite bad and so I called California Window Masters right away– even before we moved in. I wanted to make sure that our home was more beautiful AND energy efficient right from the beginning.

After talking to the associates at California Window Masters, I decided it would be best to make sure that we not only had double paned windows, but also energy  efficient glass. I knew that it would make all the difference if we had both of those elements in place. Not just because it would save me money, but it would also save a lot of energy in the house.

I love the design and handiwork that California Window Masters did in my home. They helped me select the best products on the market for my home and I am so grateful to them. I know a lot about decor, but I don’t know as much about hardware and windows so it was helpful to have someone to help me along the way.

Whether or not you are currently in the midst of therapy Sacramento, life coaching might be something to look into as well for a completely helpful service. Executive life coaching can be beneficial on its own, or in conjunction with another form of therapy. At Empathy Therapy in Sacramento, they offer all kinds of services that can be supplemental to your current treatment.

An executive life coach will typically have business planning experience as well as a background in psychology or psychiatry. For Dr. Chofla of Empathy Therapy, it’s both. Dr. Chofla can guide you to make practical and realistic goals for yourself that you won’t find overwhelming. He can challenge you and help you make goals that you will feel great accomplishing.

Executive life coaching can be used by professionals, or just someone who is looking for tools that will help them in the future. Dr. Chofla has the expertise that will give anyone the confidence to meet and exceed their own goals. Empathy Therapy is a psychiatric facility based out of Midtown Sacramento in Northern California.

Ok, maybe that was a little bit dramatic, but I think that maybe it’s a little true if you live in Sacramento. See, it gets pretty hot and pretty cold, so it’s important to be in cahoots with a good HVAC and air conditioning company like Alley Heating & Air. It’s important because even though it probably wouldn’t get cold or hot enough to cause serious harm, it will get very uncomfortable.

But if you have any parents (or are elderly yourself), the heat can be a real danger! That’s why it’s great that Alley Heating & Air has a great program where they come out to inspect your unit to make sure that you won’t run into any problems before the season actually starts and you’re out of luck!

I am so grateful to Alley Heating & Air and I am so glad that they are the card I keep on my refrigerator. I am more than happy that I get to work with them and that they can assure me that I am totally good to go when it comes to my air conditioner and heating unit in Sacramento. I am pleased that they are able to help me as much as they have and do!

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My office is located near a school in downtown Sacramento, and last week I walked out to my car at lunch and noticed my rear windshield was cracked! It looked like a ball, possibly a baseball had been thrown at it, I chalked it up to kids from the nearby school. Regardless, my windshield needed to be repaired! I called my go to auto glass repair technician, Precision Auto Glass, to see if they would be able to visit me at work and fix my rear windshield. Precision Auto Glass was very helpful on the phone and said they would be able to come out that afternoon to repair my windshield, but unlike my front windshield, when the rear windshield gets damaged it will usually need to be replaced completely. However, Precision Auto Glass, said they would be able to assist me in contacting my insurance company, making what could be an expensive repair virtually painless and smooth.

As soon as the technician from Precision Auto Glass arrived to my car, the highly trained technician removed and disposed of my damaged rear windshield and install a new piece of auto glass in around 60 minutes. I was so impressed with the efficiency and quality of service that Precision Auto Glass provided. Plus the convenience of Precision Auto Glass’ mobile service was incomparable.

I live in the Bay Area and found California Window Masters when I was looking for a company to install my new windows. They have great prices and have been around for a long time, so I knew they were trustworthy. I called them and they came out to give me a quote.

We bought an older home and were going to completely revamp it before moving in. The windows were essential. We wanted our home to be green and super efficient. California Window Masters was on it.

They have so many different options so it was easy choosing the perfect ones. We have a few uniquely shaped windows on the home, but it was no problem for them. They make it all and fit it all. After it was all said and done, our house looks incredible. It’s like it’s an entirely different place!

Finally! Vienna Property Management of Roseville, Folsom, and Lincoln, saved the day and took over managing my properties in Sacramento. It was a long time coming. I wanted to wait to find the perfect company to manage all my places, but was getting so strung out.

Vienna Property Management has it down. They take care of every detail of managing your property. From handling tenants, to dealing with emergencies, to collecting rent–they’ve got you covered. I wasn’t able to handle all of my properties anymore, so Vienna took over. Now my properties are being managed better than they ever have been before.

I couldn’t have made a better choice. They took all the worry and frustration of management off my hands. They give me regular updates on how everything is going and always notify me if there’s an emergency. I am now able to go about my life without this daily stress and worry, and I’m so grateful!

I started traveling a lot with my new job and I needed someone who could start managing the properties that I owned. There were quite a few and it was a big job, so I needed to look into professional help. I was worried though about finding someone who I could trust and that would take as good of care of my properties as I did. I needed someone who really knew what they were doing. I found Vienna Property Management and never looked back.

They were extremely attuned to the renting process and know what it’s like to manage all different types of properties. They are very organized and keep a strong watch on everything that’s going on with each of their properties. They treat your property like its one of their own. My properties are now being better managed than they ever have before.

They take care of tenants, any problems that pop up, you name it and they have it under control. They also give me a report on how everything is progressing and I am always the first to know if anything out of the ordinary is happening. It’s such a relief to have them taking care of my properties and I don’t know how I did it before! They are my saviors!

We needed help! My wife and I were having a hard time because our bathroom was outdated and had an old tub in it. It was extremely difficult and unsafe for us to shower on our own, but we hated having to ask our kids for help. We knew we needed a better option. My daughter found out from her friend who had parents with the same problem about a bathroom remodeling company. Premier Remodeling and Construction was a great company who has been around forever and offers walk-in tubs. This sounded like the answer to our prayers.

We met with them and got a quote. They were very reasonably priced and better than the competition. They also offer customized tile detailing to go with your tub, unlike other companies. That way my wife will like the way it looks! It won’t be a big eye sore in the bathroom, but will mend right in with the current style. They are also great because they drain very quickly but don’t require any extra plumbing. It was the perfect way for us to go.

They came and installed the tub and we didn’t have to do a thing. They even hauled all of the old stuff out for us and we didn’t even have to worry about it. The tub is perfect because it has a slip resistant floor and we are able to sit down comfortably while taking a bath without having to worry about slipping and falling or not being able to get out! There are also built-in jets that give us a mini-massage each time we bathe! It was the best choice for us and has given us back our freedom.