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Manpower Movers, a San Diego moving company, now offers a free, Eco-Crates program to help customers save money on cardboard boxes. So what exactly are Eco-Crates?

Eco-Crates are durable, reusable plastic crates that measure about three feet long, by two feet wide and two feet deep. So they hold more than the average size cardboard box. Eco-Crates are rigid and won’t bend or collapse while carrying them from the truck to the residence or office. Plus, they are conveniently stackable. Best of all Manpower Movers’ FREE Eco-Crate service will save customers $100 and $200 in cardboard box purchases on their next move.

Manpower Movers San Diego, keeps about 700 of the crates in stock — to make them available to their customers free of charge. The company says that the average moving customer uses about 30 of these convenient, environmentally friendly crates, instead of the traditional method, that requires 40 or more cardboard boxes. Manpower Movers is one of the only San Diego Moving & Storage companies offering the free Eco-Crate Service.

When customers request the Eco-Crate Service, Manpower Movers drop off their crates about seven days before their scheduled moving date. It not only saves them a lot of money, but it also saves them the stress and hassle of tracking down and transporting the 30 to 40 cardboard boxes they would need to pack their household belongings. After the customer has emptied their Eco-Crates in their new location, Manpower Movers retrieves the crates free of charge. The Eco-Crates program is efficient for Manpower Movers, too, saving the company from having to stock and discard thousands of cardboard boxes each month.

Prior to making the move to Eco-Crates, Manpower was sending about 120 cardboard boxes per day — about 3600 per month — either to a recycling center or into the trash bin. The Eco-Crate program is a rare example of a planet-friendly service that reduces waste, saves customers money and doesn’t require any government subsidies.

Headquartered at 7960 Silverton Avenue Suite 125, San Diego, CA 92126, Manpower Movers serves customers in San Diego, Carmel Valley, La Jolla and Orange Counties. For more information, visit

Most people don’t think of dentists as being green, or even that dentists need to be green, but dentists account for 3.7 million tons of mercury and other chemical waste each year. Mercury is an extremely harmful substance, and often times the mercury gets disposed into our water system.

Carmichael Dentist, who specializes in Invisalign procedures, says there should be separators that keep the mercury out of our water system. Additionally, if dentists recycle their equipment and waste they could actually make money in the process. There are companies who buy waste products and equipment. It’s not uncommon for a dentist to save fifty thousand a year by simply recycling their products.

The best way to encourage your dentist to become more green is to ask them at your next visit if they recycle their waste and used equipment. The more information you can gather and the more questions you ask might plant the seed for your dentist to look into the practice of going green with a little more urgency. Mercury in our water ways is a problem, and is contaminating our wild life, our drinking water, and our ourselves. Lets all work together and do our part to make our planet a safer and cleaner place.

If you’re in the market for new granite countertops, there’s a new process that countertop fabricators are using. It involves using CNC Machines and AutoCAD to precisely cut your granite, marble or stone countertops to fit your cabinets.

Countertop fabricators can now take dimensions of what your countertop and using autoCAD plug in the measurements to create a three dimensional model of you cabinets. Once the auotCAD measurements have been entered, they are then sent over to the CNC machine for cutting. The laser cutters of the machine will cut your countertop pieces perfectly to fit your kitchen or bathroom.

By using this process contractors no longer cut the stone outside your house, which means no mess, no noise, no distraction. It also speeds the process up and cuts out almost all human error. The next time you’re looking for granite countertops for your kitchen or bathroom make sure the company you choose uses precision cutting and state of the art technology to give you exactly what you want.

You might be wondering what do “Global Dry Lands” have to do with Webhosting ?

Well, believe it or not a lot!  See, in today’s society our demand for energy is enormous.  All of the technology we use (like computers and web hosting) require electricity – power.  Electricity production is the largest contributor of Green House gasses, which cause tremendous damage to the environment.  This is especially damaging to the most sensitive areas.  Areas where crop production is already pushed to the limits.  In addition, the fallout from these emissions get into the food supply and eventually into the bodies of children and all of us.  Here is some additional information on Global Drylands.

Global drylands comprise over 40 percent (41%) of the earth’s surface and support the livelihoods of over 2.5 billion people, including many of the world’s poorest.  It is essential to their survival, and the survival of their families to eek out even the most meager amount of food, for themselves, or their livestock. With these areas covering so much of our planet, and effecting so many people, the average person is not aware of the drylands and it’s unique rol

As the population continues to grow, Rural and urban inhabitants in drylands face growing challenges from climate change, resource privatization, and other forms of structural change.  Concerns about vulnerability, adaptation, and resilience of dryland livelihoods are producing many claims and counter-claims about the nature of human-environment interactions, thus increasing the need for critical research into social and ecological dynamics of drylands.  While variability and uncertainty have long been embraced as defining characteristics of drylands, much remains unknown about how dryland inhabitants are adapting to these conditions as well as unforeseen changes occurring in the 21 Century.  This panel, therefore, welcomes papers that utilize a variety of methodological and theoretical avenues to critically explore contemporary livelihoods, resource access, and environmental change in drylands.  Topics include, but are not limited to:

•      Ecological variability
•      Climate change
•      Resource degradation
•      Spatial mobility
•      Resource rights and tenure
•      Water and land conflict
•      Dryland development schemes
•      Land use change

As citizens of this planet, it is important to understand how our actions – what we buy, what we use, what it is packaged in, the emissions and green house gasses we contribute and how it might be negatively impacting our planet. There are things we can do to be more “eco friendly” and minimize our carbon footprint.  If we all work together and do what we can we can make a difference.  We can have an impact.

This website contains information and articles on things you can do now and in the future.  Things that will not require you to change your habits, but will make you aware of how your choices may have a consequence you might not have previously been aware of.  As our lives become more complex and we require more “stuff”, the likelihood that our actions might be having a negative impact on the environment increase.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  Through education, we can lead incredible lifestyles, do what we want to do, when we want to do it, and leave as small a carbon footprint as possible.  Also, please share this information with others.  We do not live in a vacume, so it is important that we all work together for everyone’s benefit.

So, having said that wouldn’t you prefer to do business with companies that are “eco friendly”.  Companies that only use sustainable energy to run ?  Well, that’s what we are all about.  We only recommend companies that are “eco friendly”, so you can feel good about doing business with them.