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Almost every time I try to sell my gold, I feel like I’m getting ripped off. That’s why I started going to Oxbridge House in San Francisco for all of my gold-selling needs. I live in Sacramento, and I still refuse to deal with anyone other than Oxbridge House because I’ve developed a personal relationship with them and I now trust them more than any other company, even locally.

The first time I went to a sell my gold, I was completely ripped off by the company I went to. I later looked online to see what I should have gotten for my gold, and found they undersold me by 10%! So, I looked on Yelp for a trusted company and came upon Oxbridge House in San Francisco. I decided to take a day trip and make a fun day of it.

it only took me a few seconds to get on board with the people at Oxbridge House. The store was extensive and I immediately felt comfortable. Plus, there were many other people in there doing the same thing as me– popularity matters! Now that I have found a company who will buy my gold, I am happier than ever!