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After my husband had a heart attack, I knew that I wanted to make sure I knew CPR. I did some quick research and found that Professional Training Institute offered convenient CPR classes Sacramento at several locations that are close to my home. I just never wanted to be in the position where I needed to save someone, but didn’t feel confident about my CPR training skills.

When my husband had his heart attack, I was able to perform CPR on him eventually, but not until the paramedics coached me over the phone. My husband was ok, but I would never have been able to forgive myself if those few minutes could have saved his life. So that’s why I signed up ¬†for CPR classes Sacramento at Professional Training Institute.

After I took the class, I felt so much better about my CPR and life saving skills. I am now so much more confident and I know that if there was ever an emergency that required me to perform CPR, that I would be able to do it. Now, if anything ever happens to a friend or family member, I will be able to step in confidently and provide CPR to them.

I have been shopping for a new therapist for a while after mine retired last year and didn’t find a good replacement until I found Empathy Therapy in Sacramento. Even though I live in Galt, I will still drive all the way out to Sacramento because I love their facilities and their staff especially. And it’s totally an added bonus that I like to go to Sacramento to go shopping after (or before) my sessions. I can’t help it, I live in Galt!

Even though it would have been easy to just stop going to a therapist after a lull, but I knew I had to be proactive about my treatment. I was committed to making sure that I stayed in treatment, and found Empathy Therapy from a recommendation of someone else. I was sort of skeptical at first, especially because it would mean that I would have to drive almost an hour to get to my appointments.

But once I went there and saw for myself the value of a good psychiatrist in Sacramento, I soon didn’t care how long it would take to get there. Aaaand Sacramento is the closest Whole Foods there is from Galt, so I am able to shop for my family at the same time. I’ve really found a way to make it work, especially because I want to make sure I am getting the help that I need for my anxiety. I think I made a great decision!