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That may be a silly rhyme, but I have really been happy working with CBRE for all of my retail property needs. Originally, I used another company, one that I shall not name, and was really unhappy with the properties they were able to show me and their service. CBRE was different because they have access to so many options and it was easy for me to see what was available to me and my business.

As a small business owner, it makes a huge difference when you are working with a company that has resources, because I don’t have any of my own. In fact, I think that my decision to use CBRE as my realtor for retail property was one of the savviest decisions I ever made.

It certainly helps that CBRE is one of the world’s leading retail property realtors, and was the most ubiquitous as well. I don’t always associate ubiquity with quality, but this time I was willing to bet that that would be right. Especially when it comes to real estate, it really matters whether or not a company has a strong presence in the area. And CBRE has just that!


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We ended up working with Short Sale-Sacramento when we were facing foreclosure and they helped us do a short sale. It left us so much better off than a foreclosure would have and out future is looking brighter. I can’t say enough good things about them.

They understood our situation and were so incredibly helpful. They helped us determine all the details and realize that a short sale was going to be a great option for us in the long run. They had our best interests in mind and were truly there for us to help us in any way.

The short sale worked out and we are so thrilled. It saved us from extra costs and time that a foreclosure would have caused. You never expect to find yourself in a situation like this but if you do, don’t do it alone. Short Sale-Sacramento is there for you!

Vienna Property Managers helped me out big time. I owned a string of properties in Midtown, mostly store fronts and a few apartment buildings above them. It was a lot to manage, and I was tired of putting all my time and energy into them.

They took all of my properties and we talked through each one. I let them know all the specifics and how I had been running things. They noted everything, got familiar with the properties and we formulated a plan on how they would be managed.

It was so great working with Vienna because they really want to manage my properties in a way I am only 100% comfortable with. They make sure I always know everything that’s going on and alert me any time something happens. They are amazing!

I’ve lived in Sacramento my whole life and had always dreamed of opening up my own little shop in Midtown. I love everything vintage, and wanted to bring a new twist to the city that they’d never seen before. I had everything planned out as far as my business model, and had collected enough inventory to get the business on it’s feet–now I just needed to find the right place.

I had my eye on this amazing place on J street that seemed to be up for lease. The commercial real estate company listed on it was CBRE, so I gave them a call. I couldn’t have picked a better place with a better company attached to it!

They let me know the place I had in mind was still available, and took me to see it immediately. It was just as perfect as I had hoped. It had everything I needed and was the right size. They worked with me on the price and everything fell into place from there. It couldn’t have worked out better!

When I was looking for homes for sale in Roseville, I knew I needed to go with ATK Team. They are known throughout Roseville as being the best of the best, so I had to give them a try. We wanted a bigger home for our growing family, and one that we could live in for a long time. We had specific requirements and they listened to them all. They didn’t show us any homes that meet our requirements which was such a bonus, because they were’t wasting our time.

The team was extremely friendly and great to work with. They kept us updated on new homes that were coming available and gave us all the information we needed. When we finally found the right home, they didn’t let us lift a finger. They took care of the entire process from paperwork to closing, and it was such a relief for us.

We are now in a beautiful home and couldn’t be happier, and it’s all thanks to ATK Team. They knew what we wanted and didn’t stop until we found the perfect home. We were well taken care of and were treated like their most important client. If you’re looking for a new home, or even looking to sell your home in Roseville, I highly suggest you go with ATK Team for all your realty needs!

Kitchen Countertops in our dream homeHaving the chance to custom build our new El Dorado Hills home was a dream come true for both of us. My husband and I had both grown up in less-than-privileged neighborhoods in the Bay Area, and had worked hard for years to accomplish what no one in either of our families had before. Not only were be about to be homeowners, we were also about to build our home from the ground up. We knew it would be a long and arduous process, but we considered it a labor or love.

During the process, we dealt with many different contractors, suppliers, etc. in the process of making our new home our dream home. But one contractor that stood out to us among the rest was Countertop Designs in Sacramento. We found them as a result of an Internet search but discovered that they have an absolutely gorgeous showroom so that we could come in and look at some of the work they do.

In their showroom were a variety of brands, designs and options for using their products to enliven and beautify our home. We originally went in to look at bathroom vanities, but we ended up with quotes for kitchen countertops and fireplace surrounds as well.

One of the designs we loved was from Silestone because it is sturdy, low maintenance and has a coating that is antimicrobial. We were especially interested in the antimicrobial feature because in the bathroom and kitchen, it is important that surfaces are clean and safe. Plus, we fell in love with the design too.

We were especially happy to learn that the process of installing the countertops and vanities wouldn’t take very much time to complete because most of the work is done in-house. This allows them to be more accurate and time-effective for all of their projects. They told us that they could have both the vanities and countertops done in less than two weeks. After getting the flooring and roofing done a few months prior, this seemed like a godsend. We would have our new countertops in just a few weeks.

After the installation, we couldn’t be happier with the result of our bathroom vanities and kitchen countertops. The craftsmanship was amazing and the staff was really polite and helpful. They even recommended some other contractors that would provide the same excellent service for other jobs we needed done. We are grateful to Countertop Designs for making our dream home a reality.

Aside from the costs to get your house in good enough shape to sell it, it can also cost you thousands to sell it through a traditional realtor. On the sale of one home, traditional realtors can as much money as some Americans do in a year. An Assist-2-Sell realtor, however, will sell your home at a discounted rate, but with all of the service you want and deserve.

Coast and County Homes is an Assist-2-Sell realtor selling homes in Vista, Encinitas, San Marcos, Carlsbad and Oceanside. Instead of taking 3% commission on the sale of your home, they work out a flat rate fee. This is mutually advantageous for the seller of the home as well as the realtor because this means that the more homes sold, the more money the realtor can earn. The Assist-2-Sell realtor at Coast and County Homes will also put in the time needed to sell your home, not skimping when it comes to showing your home and putting it in applicable real estate listings. Many of Coast and County clients are happier with them than they were with traditional realtors because Coast and County is happy to provide a discount service without decreasing their focus on customer service.

In a time where selling what is likely your largest investment, selling your home with the help of someone you trust is tantamount to having a good experience during the process. And those who have sold their homes with Coast and County couldn’t agree more. Not only were they satisfied with their experience with the hard work and above-and-beyond service given to them, they were also happy to save thousands of dollars. In this economy, even a savings in the hundreds is significant, but many sellers who sell with an Assist-2-Sell realtor save thousands. For a seller who also hopes to buy another home, this can be monumental!

Many homebuyers and homesellers don’t realize that they have other options when it comes to selecting the best realtor for them. The truth is, you don’t have to sacrifice anything for great service and savings. With Coast and County Homes, you can be confident that your house and home are in good hands.

Ken Smith of The Smith Team in MauiMaybe you want to hire a friend from college, maybe you want to hire the smiley guy from the billboard, maybe you just want to do it all yourself. While none of those are recommended, we found some helpful tips for when you are choosing your Maui realtor:


Although it may seem counterintuitive, it may be to your benefit to go with a larger agency. With a larger agency, come more resources available to sell your home. Also, since they keep longer business hours, someone should be more likely to be available to pick up the phone when someone makes an inquiry about your home. In addition to having more hands on deck, it is also beneficial to select an agent from a large agency because they often give incentives for their agents to get further training and education.


All licensed Maui real estate agents are educated and examined before they are allowed to practice, but it can be helpful to hire an agent with additional professional designations. For example, many realtors are a part of the National Association of Realtors® which requires members to adhere to a strict Code of Ethics that are often more stringent that state law provides.


Don’t hire the first realtor to present to you. You may have gotten a good feeling about them but you should ask around before making a commitment. You probably wouldn’t take the first home you showed to you by a realtor—why would you choose a realtor that way?


Sure, you already know them and you know that, in the very least, you can tolerate them. But do they have all the certifications? Do they know the area? Do not select an agent out of convenience.


Many agents will agree with your selling price only to change it later on, so do not base your choice on that factor alone. Plus, the agent should have a better idea of how much your house will actually sell for, whereas you only know how much you want for it.


Of course you will want to choose a successful realtor, but you may need to dig a little deeper to actually measure that success. Sure, they may have sold 35 homes in the last year, but under what circumstances? Did they list 50 and sell 35? Did they have to reduce several times before a buyer bit? No matter the numbers a realtor throws at you, you should make sure their sales goals align with yours.