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My office is located near a school in downtown Sacramento, and last week I walked out to my car at lunch and noticed my rear windshield was cracked! It looked like a ball, possibly a baseball had been thrown at it, I chalked it up to kids from the nearby school. Regardless, my windshield needed to be repaired! I called my go to auto glass repair technician, Precision Auto Glass, to see if they would be able to visit me at work and fix my rear windshield. Precision Auto Glass was very helpful on the phone and said they would be able to come out that afternoon to repair my windshield, but unlike my front windshield, when the rear windshield gets damaged it will usually need to be replaced completely. However, Precision Auto Glass, said they would be able to assist me in contacting my insurance company, making what could be an expensive repair virtually painless and smooth.

As soon as the technician from Precision Auto Glass arrived to my car, the highly trained technician removed and disposed of my damaged rear windshield and install a new piece of auto glass in around 60 minutes. I was so impressed with the efficiency and quality of service that Precision Auto Glass provided. Plus the convenience of Precision Auto Glass’ mobile service was incomparable.

I felt lucky because Alley Heating & Air Repair offers AC repair 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and was able to come out and take care of our problem that same day.

It was Summer, and it was a scorcher outside. We had recently moved into a new home in the Sacramento area and hadn’t thought to check on the air conditioning system before we headed into Summer–what a mistake. I came home from work one day and the house was hotter than it was outside! If there was any hope of us getting sleep that night, we were going to need help fast. I called the only company that seemed to offer after hour service.

When they arrived they got straight to work. They were able to diagnose the problem within minutes and started working on it to get it fixed. They didn’t have to go buy parts or wait for them to be ordered, they had everything they needed to make the fix already with them in their truck. They explained everything to me before they did it to make sure I was okay with what they were doing and understood the problem that was happening.

They got the problem fixed quickly, and I’ll just say we slept extra soundly that night. We no longer take our air conditioning for granted after seeing how hot the house got without it! Thanks to Alley the problem got fixed right away and we were able to move on. It was so nice to know that someone is there for you when emergencies happen, no matter what time of day it  may be.

We ended up working with Short Sale-Sacramento when we were facing foreclosure and they helped us do a short sale. It left us so much better off than a foreclosure would have and out future is looking brighter. I can’t say enough good things about them.

They understood our situation and were so incredibly helpful. They helped us determine all the details and realize that a short sale was going to be a great option for us in the long run. They had our best interests in mind and were truly there for us to help us in any way.

The short sale worked out and we are so thrilled. It saved us from extra costs and time that a foreclosure would have caused. You never expect to find yourself in a situation like this but if you do, don’t do it alone. Short Sale-Sacramento is there for you!

My mother in law was coming in town and a week before she was scheduled to arrive our air conditioning started having problems. It was blowing out air but the air wasn’t cool. The house was stuffy and it was clear there was a problem. I needed to get the problem fixed, fast. I called Alley Heating & Air. They offer AC repair in the Sacramento area 24/7, which is hard to come by these days. They responded right away and made their way out to the house.

They assessed the problem and worked like true professionals. They diagnosed what was wrong and were able to make a quick repair to get it back up and running. Not to mention they charge a very fair price. I was worried having such a last minute repair need was going to cost me, but they charged me the same price they’d charge anybody else and it was very fair.

They helped me out when I needed them and came to our rescue. They were able to fix the problem in no time and got our house back up to a livable temperature. I can’t thank Alley enough for their service and will definitely be using them in the future and recommending them to all of my friends.

I own a dental office in the San Francisco Bay Area and had been considering getting a vending machine for the waiting room. I noticed a lot of times parents are waiting for their kids during their appointments and thought it would be nice for them to have refreshments and snacks to make their wait time a little more comfortable. I heard about Corporate Cuisine from a buddy of mine and he said they offer great vending services to the Bay Area. They are a small business so they are committed to their customers and the area. I gave them a call and got a quote.

Not only do they have extremely friendly staff, but I was pleased with the competitive prices. They also have the latest machines with the newest technology, not some old dumpy machine. You have the option to choose whatever you want to go into the machines also. There’s even a variety of healthy options to choose from, which I know a lot of the parents in my waiting room will enjoy.

They brought the machine right into the office and installed everything. They even stocked it fully, and it was ready to start being used. It’s only been a few weeks and we’ve gotten great feedback from our customers. They really appreciate the gesture and that they are now able to grab a drink or a snack while they wait. We’ve received incredible service from Corporate Cuisine and I will be recommending them to everyone I know.

Same Day Auto Title Loan gave me peace of mind when I was feeling like I had nowhere else to turn to. With bad credit and a sick mother, I was running out of cash pretty quickly. I needed to make sure that I was going to be able to afford my rent and my mom’s medical bills.

When my mom got sick earlier this year, I knew it would be a burden on my finances, I just didn’t know how much of a burden it would be.  I ended up taking out an auto title loan from Same Day Auto Title Loan because it was the fastest and easiest way to get some cash into my bank account.
And the staff at Same Day Auto Title Loan was really helpful and made sure I understood everything I was signing up for as far as contracts and interest. Basically, I was taking a loan out on my car and would give the company the title of my car for collateral. Then I would pay off my loan with a low interest rate over a certain period of time.
Taking out this auto tile loan in Sacramento truly revolutionized the way that I lived for the last few months because I wasn’t stressed about money while my mom was sick. I didn’t want the stress of it all to affect my health either, so it made a huge difference to both myself and my mother.
I trust the people at Same Day Auto Loan and know that with them, I am getting all the help I need. I am now back on my feet financially and my mother is doing great. Oh happy day!

I started a non-profit this year and it’s been way more work than I was anticipating. I thought I could handle a lot of our financial needs on my own, but they were getting to me too much and I know they needed to be better handled. I heard about e-Office Team bookkeepers Sacramento, so I met with them for a consultation. They offer non-profits and small businesses bookeepers and financial services in Sacramento.

With their bookkeeping services, they would customize their programs to suit our specific non-profit needs. I loved the idea of this and was happy they understood that we weren’t just a typical business. We could track donations and different things that normal businesses wouldn’t have a need for.

I decided they were definitely the right choice for us and they have made such a big difference. Everything is managed so well and stays organized. They are able to handle anything that comes our way and make it all work so seamlessly. I’m so happy with the choice I made to go with e-Office Team and my non-profit wouldn’t be running the same without them!

When I was going to a meeting with one of our clients, I noticed they had gotten a great new vending machine in their office. It got me wondering why I had never thought of putting one in our own offices. I asked them about it and they told me they were using San Francisco Bay Area Vending, a vending machines provider in the San Francisco Bay Area. they highly recommended them and were very pleased with the service they received so far, so I gave them a call.

Their machines are new and up to date, and are stocked with great products. You can choose what gets sold in the machines, including healthy food options. They also take care of everything for you. They bring the machine in and set it up, and then re-stock it for you every month and just bill you according to what was sold from the machine. It’s so easy! I’m so happy I realized we should get one because my employees were very excited about it.

We’ve been using Corporate Cuisine for a few months now and couldn’t be happier. My employees now have snacks and beverages available to them whenever they want them, and don’t have to leave the office to get these items. Everyone who visits our office loves it too. It’s just a great benefit and it was a great choice on our part.