I live in Fair Oaks and needed a new dentist for our family. I had heart that Fair Oaks & Carmichael Dentist My Tooth Spa offers great oral care for families, so I scheduled an appointment to try them out. Their office is great and very welcoming. It’s much cleaner than others I have seen. The staff is also very friendly and they were accommodating of my busy schedule.

When they took me back for my cleaning I feel relaxed and was confident I had chosen the right place. They explained everything they were doing to me and made sure I was okay with it. They made me feel right at home, which is a rarity for a dentist. They did a great job on my teeth.

If you live in the are and are looking for a dentist or just aren’t happy with the one you’re at now, definitely check out My Tooth Spa. They have locations in Roseville, Fair Oaks and Carmichael so you have plenty of options depending on where you live. I promise you’ll be happy with their service!

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