My job recently relocated me to Roseville, so our entire family just moved out here. We finally got situated and settled in, but needed to find a new dentist for the family. We wanted one that was kid friendly and that offered state of the art oral care. Roseville General Dentist was an easy choice for us. I went in for an appointment first to check it out and was so impressed. It’s very friendly for kids and the family and is just an all around great experience.

I was greeted by friendly staff members and you could tell that that they truly care about their job and about improving the lives of their customers. They love what they do and it shows. They cleaned my teeth better than anyone has in years. They do a great job of letting you know everything they are doing so there’s no surprises.

I can’t wait for the rest of the family to go into Roseville General Dentist for their tooth cleanings and to use them for all of our oral care needs in the future. They are the best around. They offer great services, anything you could ever need, and were extremely helpful. It’s great to know such great service is still around these days!

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