Vienna Property Management is quickly becoming known for offering green property management services. The company, who is based out of Rocklin, CA, is doing their part to go green. From hybrid electric cars, and online payment systems for their rental units, Vienna Property Management is leading its field with utilizing green technologies.

The green initiative started about two years ago, when Vienna Property Management who was located in El Dorado Hills, Lincoln, Citrus Heights and Sacramento at the time, decided to start using an ipad for all their rental agreements. They decided to switch from paper to digital to minimize the amount of paper products they were using. When a new renter moves into one of their units instead of using paper, they have the renter sign the agreement on their ipad and then email the rental agreement to the renters inbox.

After a few months of using this process, Vienna PM quickly decided to do its part to become as green as possible. Now a green property management company doesn’t sound like much since property management companies don’t build anything, but Vienna is definitely doing it’s part. I commend them for their effort. As business owners, there should be an inherent responsibility to this planet. It’s not everyday that you see a small business go green just for the sake of going green.

Is you would like to know more about Vienna PM, feel free to visit their website.  Vienna Property Management provides services in El Dorado Hills, Roseville, Lincoln, Citrus Heights, and Granite Bay.

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