A growing business is a good thing, but my business was growing faster than I had resources for. I hired e-Office Team, a bookkeeper Sacramento, to make my job easier and more streamlines, and it was made my job of running a business with little to no support so much easier.

As a business owner, your job never really ends. Even when you go home, you are still the one responsible when something happens in the middle of the night. Whether it’s a plumbing leak or a tight deadline, it’s pretty much you and you alone who needs to deal with it.

The benefit of this is that you have total control of how your business operates, but this is also the downside. I wasn’t ready to hire any more staff, so I decided that outsourcing my accounting and bookkeeping in Sacramento would be a good compromise because I would pay them for as much help as I needed.

This was a tremendous help to me because not only was I able to focus on the other business-related tasks at hand, I was also able to avoid doing what I hated most about owning a business in Sacramento—accounting and bookkeeping.

I love working with e-Office Team of Sacramento and Roseville because they are personal and available when I have questions or need anything. When I had a corporate job, the accountants I worked with took forever to respond to any inquiries and never really got to know my company or my staff. The opposite is true for e-Office Team, They always know my account and always try to return my calls and emails as soon as possible.

I love having the freedom of owning a small business, but I needed to be better at delegating tasks. Hiring e-Office Team took  much of the burden off of my workload and made me a better businessperson as a result.

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