There’s a new moving blog that just launched a couple weeks ago. The blog is called My Movers Guide, and covers everything from planning your move to hire the right moving company. Since moving is one of the most stressful us humans do, a moving company that covers all of the in and outs of getting into our new place with as little problems as possible will more than likely be well received.

Let’s face it, we all hate moving, but My Movers Guide does its best to make our moves a little more streamlined. Ever struggled with moving on your own? My Movers Guide covers tips for DIY moves, but also gives a great case for hiring a moving company and outlines in great detail how to find the perfect moving company.

My Movers Guide hopes to become the leading moving blog for anyone preparing for the big transition. For more information on My Movers Guide, feel free to visit their website as check back here. Global Drylands will be featuring some of their blogs as some of our writers will also be writing for My Movers Guide. So if you’re getting ready to move and are looking for packing tips, cleaning tips or putting on a rock star moving sale My Movers Guide promises to be the number one source for all things relocation.

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