I had noticed over the past week that our house wasn’t nearly as cool as it should be. I put my hand over one of our vents and realized the air coming out wasn’t even cool–something was wrong with our air conditioning! I didn’t have much patience, being the middle of Summer, so I decided to give Alley Heating & Air a call. They provide air conditioning repair in Sacramento and were just the guys I needed for the job.

They arrived promptly and on time, and got straight to work. They listened to everything I had to say about what was going wrong and what I’d been noticing over the previous week. They knew exactly what the problem was and exactly how to fix it. They had everything they needed to make the repair right in their trucks already with them, so they were able to get the job done quickly.

Fortunately, we didn’t need an entirely new system. They were able to fix the problem and got the existing system tuned back up and running well again. I know there are some companies out there who would have lied and said we needed to replace the whole system, just to make the extra money. But not with Alley. They were true and honest about the problem and fixed it as cost effectively as possible. You can trust Alley!

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