Whether or not you are currently in the midst of therapy Sacramento, life coaching might be something to look into as well for a completely helpful service. Executive life coaching can be beneficial on its own, or in conjunction with another form of therapy. At Empathy Therapy in Sacramento, they offer all kinds of services that can be supplemental to your current treatment.

An executive life coach will typically have business planning experience as well as a background in psychology or psychiatry. For Dr. Chofla of Empathy Therapy, it’s both. Dr. Chofla can guide you to make practical and realistic goals for yourself that you won’t find overwhelming. He can challenge you and help you make goals that you will feel great accomplishing.

Executive life coaching can be used by professionals, or just someone who is looking for tools that will help them in the future. Dr. Chofla has the expertise that will give anyone the confidence to meet and exceed their own goals. Empathy Therapy is a psychiatric facility based out of Midtown Sacramento in Northern California.

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