Ok, maybe that was a little bit dramatic, but I think that maybe it’s a little true if you live in Sacramento. See, it gets pretty hot and pretty cold, so it’s important to be in cahoots with a good HVAC and air conditioning company like Alley Heating & Air. It’s important because even though it probably wouldn’t get cold or hot enough to cause serious harm, it will get very uncomfortable.

But if you have any parents (or are elderly yourself), the heat can be a real danger! That’s why it’s great that Alley Heating & Air has a great program where they come out to inspect your unit to make sure that you won’t run into any problems before the season actually starts and you’re out of luck!

I am so grateful to Alley Heating & Air and I am so glad that they are the card I keep on my refrigerator. I am more than happy that I get to work with them and that they can assure me that I am totally good to go when it comes to my air conditioner and heating unit in Sacramento. I am pleased that they are able to help me as much as they have and do!

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