I’m a big coffee drinker, and it shows. My teeth have become so stained over the years that I’m embarrassed to show them. I’ve tried buying the special toothpastes and strips from drugstores, but ended up just wasting my money. They either did nothing at all, or if they did brighten my teeth at all it never lasted. I finally decided it was time to look into getting professional help.

I get my teeth cleaned at My Tooth Spa, my local Roseville dentist, and love it, so I looked on their website and saw that they offer teeth cleaning as well. I scheduled an appointment for a consultation right away. They assessed the severity of my teeth stains and let me know all of my options. One of the doctors there, Dr. De Guzman, is actually a Certified Zoom! Advanced Power Chair-side Whitening System Provider. This was the option I decided to go with.

I couldn’t believe the results! I hadn’t even expected that having whiter teeth would make me look so much younger. I felt like a whole new person, all from just one visit. The team at My Tooth Spa are kind and know how to treat their patients with sincerity and respect. I received incredible service and a breathtaking outcome. My life has truly changed since getting teeth whitening services from My Tooth Spa and I would recommend them to anyone I know.

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