The holidays are always hard, even without having extra medical problems. I was lucky enough to hear about Same Day Auto Title Loan in Sacramento and Roseville before I even began to become stressed about my financial status. They were able to give me relief that I would make it through the holidays with my finances intact.

I have had existing medical conditions as a result of an accident I suffered about five years ago that left me with a shattered pelvis and two broken legs. I knew that after that, it would be really hard for me to get work. It has been an upward battle to get employment and get the rights that I deserve. I have gotten disability, but from time to time I have issues with the checks coming in, which then freezes my ability to earn money.’

This time when I was running low on cash, I called Sam Day Auto Title Loan and got a loan in only a short amount of time. I was so relieved to find out that I was able to get the loan fast without even having to have my credit checked. And the staff there was incredibly helpful in answering all of my questions about the paperwork and policies.

This holiday season, I was stressed that I wouldn’t have enough to get by. For me, finance are already tight because I have a fixed income. I already have enough trouble

making money. I don’t even know if I would be able to afford to have my family over for Christmas dinner. This was going to be hard on me, my family and my pride. It’s difficult when you don’t know how much money you are going to have to work with over the holidays.

With Same Day Auto Title Loan, I was able to have the holiday season I wanted without having to worry about whether or not I would have to ask someone else to host my annual Christmas dinner. It’s been a challenge since my injury, but I feel that Same Day Auto Title Loan allowed me to make sure I had enough money in the bank to make it through December without having to take out an expensive and high interest loan. Same Day Auto Title Loan truly made the holidays brighter for me and my family.

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