We needed help! My wife and I were having a hard time because our bathroom was outdated and had an old tub in it. It was extremely difficult and unsafe for us to shower on our own, but we hated having to ask our kids for help. We knew we needed a better option. My daughter found out from her friend who had parents with the same problem about a bathroom remodeling company. Premier Remodeling and Construction was a great company who has been around forever and offers walk-in tubs. This sounded like the answer to our prayers.

We met with them and got a quote. They were very reasonably priced and better than the competition. They also offer customized tile detailing to go with your tub, unlike other companies. That way my wife will like the way it looks! It won’t be a big eye sore in the bathroom, but will mend right in with the current style. They are also great because they drain very quickly but don’t require any extra plumbing. It was the perfect way for us to go.

They came and installed the tub and we didn’t have to do a thing. They even hauled all of the old stuff out for us and we didn’t even have to worry about it. The tub is perfect because it has a slip resistant floor and we are able to sit down comfortably while taking a bath without having to worry about slipping and falling or not being able to get out! There are also built-in jets that give us a mini-massage each time we bathe! It was the best choice for us and has given us back our freedom.

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