Maui Home Real EstateWe don’t know how they did it, but Maui Sales and the Smith Team managed to find us our dream vacation house in Maui Hawaii that was also in our budget. Granted, we had been saving for a number of years, but we hadn’t yet managed to find something with the amenities we were looking for at a price we were willing to pay. But we are grateful for Maui Sales because they finally found us the real estate deal of a century!

Throughout the process of finding the perfect vacation home in Maui, the Smith Team at Maui Sales was incredibly helpful. Early on, we subscribed to their weekly newsletter so we could keep up to date on all of the properties for sale, which was really helpful in assessing the Maui market.

For almost six months, we just kept an eye out for homes that we liked, but wanted to wait a little so we knew exactly what we were looking for. This way, we were able to get an idea of what prices we were willing to pay for what. It was also just fun to look at homes that we wouldn’t necessarily buy or want to live in.

For six months, we gathered data that would eventually help us select a home when the time came for us to actually start getting serious. And the moment we were ready to start getting serious, Maui Sales was there and ready to start working on finding us our house. They are extremely experienced and professional and did a really good job of telling us how the Maui market worked and when the best time to buy would be.

It only took us a few months to find our perfect home—we were so excited! The home we ended up getting was in the exact neighborhood we wanted and was the perfect size for us too. We could hardly believe the deal we got on it too. It was a foreclosure, so it was even cheaper than it should have been.

We are now vacationing in our home just outside Lahaina and couldn’t be happier. We plan to spend every Christmas here and Easter at the very least. As I am typing this blog, I am drinking a beer I our hammock in the backyard. We’re not on the beach, but we have our own tropical paradise just outside our back patio door.  We’ve worked hard for this house, so I’m excited that we finally have it and that it’s all we had hoped for and more!

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