We just moved into a new home in San Jose. Well, it was new to us, but not entirely new. One thing that desperately needed to be replaced was the windows. They were quite bad and so I called California Window Masters right away– even before we moved in. I wanted to make sure that our home was more beautiful AND energy efficient right from the beginning.

After talking to the associates at California Window Masters, I decided it would be best to make sure that we not only had double paned windows, but also energy  efficient glass. I knew that it would make all the difference if we had both of those elements in place. Not just because it would save me money, but it would also save a lot of energy in the house.

I love the design and handiwork that California Window Masters did in my home. They helped me select the best products on the market for my home and I am so grateful to them. I know a lot about decor, but I don’t know as much about hardware and windows so it was helpful to have someone to help me along the way.

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