My office is located near a school in downtown Sacramento, and last week I walked out to my car at lunch and noticed my rear windshield was cracked! It looked like a ball, possibly a baseball had been thrown at it, I chalked it up to kids from the nearby school. Regardless, my windshield needed to be repaired! I called my go to auto glass repair technician, Precision Auto Glass, to see if they would be able to visit me at work and fix my rear windshield. Precision Auto Glass was very helpful on the phone and said they would be able to come out that afternoon to repair my windshield, but unlike my front windshield, when the rear windshield gets damaged it will usually need to be replaced completely. However, Precision Auto Glass, said they would be able to assist me in contacting my insurance company, making what could be an expensive repair virtually painless and smooth.

As soon as the technician from Precision Auto Glass arrived to my car, the highly trained technician removed and disposed of my damaged rear windshield and install a new piece of auto glass in around 60 minutes. I was so impressed with the efficiency and quality of service that Precision Auto Glass provided. Plus the convenience of Precision Auto Glass’ mobile service was incomparable.

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