I’ve been looking for ways to decrease my carbon footprint, and finally came upon a solution that would work for me on multiple levels. I was going to get new windows, courtesy of California Windows San Jose. How would this improve the efficiency of my home AND make it look more appealing to the eye? Let me explain.

For one, getting energy efficient windows would help keep the temperate climate indoors. When you have hot weather outside, and an A/C running indoors, it tends to become inefficient because the heat will leak inside. With energy efficient windows, more of the sunlight and heat is blocked, allowing for the internal temperature to maintain a steady temperature.

Another benefit to having energy efficient windows is that I will SAVE money on my monthly energy bill. Not only will I reduce how much energy I am using, but I’ll save money too. That was definitely a selling point for me– especially because it would also mean that I would be able to beautify my home at the same time. Thank you, California Window Masters for showing me the light!

If you live in the Sacramento area, I would also recommend using D&D Windows. They provide replacement windows and energy efficient home windows in Sacramento CA. D & D Windows is located at 5740 Roseville Rd Suite E Sacramento, CA 95842 Ph: (916) 978-1779

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