Green Web Hosting

Green Web Hosting

The Internet is growing at an exponential rate and almost everyone out there is building a website and looking for web hosting companies and servers to host their websites. This implies increased usage of electricity and has raised various environmental and health concerns related to manufacturing this source of power. An eco-friendly hosting service is therefore the way to go in order nip this problem in the bed lest it exacerbates and causes irreversible damage to mother earth.

Green Web Hosting is the solution

HostPapa 100% Green Energy Web Hosting

There are many environment friendly web host providers like Dreamhost, AISO and green web hosting. These companies run their servers off renewable energy. In a bid to arrest the environmental hazards caused due to the traditional modes of generating power, the eco-friendly web hosting providers run their offices and servers off geothermal energy, biogas, solar or wind energy. A few of them also produce their own in house energy. Furthermore, few web-hosting companies are certified with a renewable energy certificate in order to ensure the highest standards in eco-friendly web hosting. These green web-hosting companies encourage their employees to telecommute in a bid to minimize transportation pollutants. They even discourage excessive paperwork in order to encourage tree preservation. Web hosting companies such as Green web hosting plants a tree for every hosting that they register with their company.

Reliability of Eco-Friendly Web Hosting Providers

People often hold the misconception that renewable may not be as effective or powerful as the conventional electricity. If the company is able to meet the energy demands of its customers; renewable energy is just as powerful and effective for running the servers as conventional electricity. Therefore the reliability and capacity of these forms of electricity is guaranteed as long as the company can keep up with the energy demands.

It is only wise to opt for green web hosting or eco-friendly web hosting companies as this small decision can help save the environment and the entire globe. It is however advisable to compare the tools, pricing structures and features of various eco-friendly web hosting companies before buying your we hosting package. Also, look for any hidden costs involved and read their service agreements in its entirety in order to avoid any future complications.

Even if you are not looking at buying their hosting services and yet want to contribute to the environment in a certain way, you can always choose to become the company’s affiliate and earn cash in the process.

Most of the eco-friendly webs hosting companies offer affiliate programs as well. You can contribute in your own way by spreading awareness about these companies and save the environment as well as minimize the rather damaging effects on our planet.

It is however highly advisable to read customer reviews, company profile and analyze the credibility of the company before you go on to buy their web hosting packages. A little preliminary research and homework in advance will save you ample money and prove to beneficial in the long run.

Green web hosting is an issue which is affecting more and more businesses, consumer awareness is the driving force but have you considered the environmental impact of your online business?

You may be asking yourself “Is eco web hosting difficult or more expensive?” The answer is no. There are lots of ways that web hosts can make themselves green.

The best green web hosting providers will have up to date, energy efficient servers, the environmental impact of a server is considerable as they are running full time using electrical energy and the top providers can have hundreds all running at the same time.

By using green technology, energy efficiency and taking advantage of tax breaks etc the overall cost of running these servers is no different to a company who rumbles along with older, outdated hardware.

By using green tariff electricity, recycling and a host of carbon offset strategies many green web hosting companies are just about 100% carbon neutral. In today’s’ world that is a big selling point and one that you can pass on to your customers.

Green website hosting is in all other ways exactly the same as ‘normal’ hosting packages. You can expect all the usual features and benefits that hosting companies provide such as cPanel, FTP access, email services so it is no more difficult to use an eco friendly web host than another one.

Environmentally friendly web hosting is not difficult to achieve and whether it is your company ethos or just a marketing advantage hosting is a factor that you should not overlook. 100% Green Energy Web Hosting

Eco Friendly Web Hosting

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