We’ve lived in the same house for 20 years, but aside from some minor updates, we never made any significant changes. We happened to stumble upon Premier Remodeling & Construction┬áduring a casual online search. What we found was that Premier was great at working with what you have to create something truly breathtaking.

Since we hadn’t done any updates to our home, the first thing we were excited to update was our kitchen. We knew that a kitchen remodel would completely change the look and feel of the house for the better. It was awesome how fast they were able to turn it around, too! In three weeks, we had a new countertop, cabinets and flooring put in!

We are so happy with the way our home looks now, and we can’t wait to redesign the bathroom entirely. Even though we were able to work with what he had for our kitchen, we plan to completely gut the other room. I will be sure to post a few pics after it’s done!


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