I had been ignoring the small crack in my windshield long enough. In fact, it was hardly small anymore– it had grown the entire length of my windshield. This was unsafe and unsightly. I was not especially excited to have to pay to get it repaired, but I figured it would be better that having to worry about getting in an accident because of it. But, I called Precision Auto Glass in Sacramento and they really took care of things!

I didn’t know this before, but apparently, they are a family-run company and have been around for over ten years! The owners even seemed young to have been in business that long. They were really friendly and I very much enjoyed working with them because they were able to communicate with me and explain exactly what they were going to do. I never felt that they were trying to get more money out of me or swindle me at all.

Especially with services like that, I feel like business owners are always looking after their bottom line. In this case, it really seemed that they were more interested in making sure I was a satisfied customer and that I would come back in the future. I respect that way of doing business so much more because it earned my respect. I would also recommend them to a friend too!

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That may be a silly rhyme, but I have really been happy working with CBRE for all of my retail property needs. Originally, I used another company, one that I shall not name, and was really unhappy with the properties they were able to show me and their service. CBRE was different because they have access to so many options and it was easy for me to see what was available to me and my business.

As a small business owner, it makes a huge difference when you are working with a company that has resources, because I don’t have any of my own. In fact, I think that my decision to use CBRE as my realtor for retail property was one of the savviest decisions I ever made.

It certainly helps that CBRE is one of the world’s leading retail property realtors, and was the most ubiquitous as well. I don’t always associate ubiquity with quality, but this time I was willing to bet that that would be right. Especially when it comes to real estate, it really matters whether or not a company has a strong presence in the area. And CBRE has just that!


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My office is located near a school in downtown Sacramento, and last week I walked out to my car at lunch and noticed my rear windshield was cracked! It looked like a ball, possibly a baseball had been thrown at it, I chalked it up to kids from the nearby school. Regardless, my windshield needed to be repaired! I called my go to auto glass repair technician, Precision Auto Glass, to see if they would be able to visit me at work and fix my rear windshield. Precision Auto Glass was very helpful on the phone and said they would be able to come out that afternoon to repair my windshield, but unlike my front windshield, when the rear windshield gets damaged it will usually need to be replaced completely. However, Precision Auto Glass, said they would be able to assist me in contacting my insurance company, making what could be an expensive repair virtually painless and smooth.

As soon as the technician from Precision Auto Glass arrived to my car, the highly trained technician removed and disposed of my damaged rear windshield and install a new piece of auto glass in around 60 minutes. I was so impressed with the efficiency and quality of service that Precision Auto Glass provided. Plus the convenience of Precision Auto Glass’ mobile service was incomparable.

I’ve been looking for ways to decrease my carbon footprint, and finally came upon a solution that would work for me on multiple levels. I was going to get new windows, courtesy of California Windows San Jose. How would this improve the efficiency of my home AND make it look more appealing to the eye? Let me explain.

For one, getting energy efficient windows would help keep the temperate climate indoors. When you have hot weather outside, and an A/C running indoors, it tends to become inefficient because the heat will leak inside. With energy efficient windows, more of the sunlight and heat is blocked, allowing for the internal temperature to maintain a steady temperature.

Another benefit to having energy efficient windows is that I will SAVE money on my monthly energy bill. Not only will I reduce how much energy I am using, but I’ll save money too. That was definitely a selling point for me– especially because it would also mean that I would be able to beautify my home at the same time. Thank you, California Window Masters for showing me the light!

If you live in the Sacramento area, I would also recommend using D&D Windows. They provide replacement windows and energy efficient home windows in Sacramento CA. D & D Windows is located at 5740 Roseville Rd Suite E Sacramento, CA 95842 Ph: (916) 978-1779

Almost every time I try to sell my gold, I feel like I’m getting ripped off. That’s why I started going to Oxbridge House in San Francisco for all of my gold-selling needs. I live in Sacramento, and I still refuse to deal with anyone other than Oxbridge House because I’ve developed a personal relationship with them and I now trust them more than any other company, even locally.

The first time I went to a sell my gold, I was completely ripped off by the company I went to. I later looked online to see what I should have gotten for my gold, and found they undersold me by 10%! So, I looked on Yelp for a trusted company and came upon Oxbridge House in San Francisco. I decided to take a day trip and make a fun day of it.

it only took me a few seconds to get on board with the people at Oxbridge House. The store was extensive and I immediately felt comfortable. Plus, there were many other people in there doing the same thing as me– popularity matters! Now that I have found a company who will buy my gold, I am happier than ever!

We’ve lived in the same house for 20 years, but aside from some minor updates, we never made any significant changes. We happened to stumble upon Premier Remodeling & Construction during a casual online search. What we found was that Premier was great at working with what you have to create something truly breathtaking.

Since we hadn’t done any updates to our home, the first thing we were excited to update was our kitchen. We knew that a kitchen remodel would completely change the look and feel of the house for the better. It was awesome how fast they were able to turn it around, too! In three weeks, we had a new countertop, cabinets and flooring put in!

We are so happy with the way our home looks now, and we can’t wait to redesign the bathroom entirely. Even though we were able to work with what he had for our kitchen, we plan to completely gut the other room. I will be sure to post a few pics after it’s done!


I felt lucky because Alley Heating & Air Repair offers AC repair 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and was able to come out and take care of our problem that same day.

It was Summer, and it was a scorcher outside. We had recently moved into a new home in the Sacramento area and hadn’t thought to check on the air conditioning system before we headed into Summer–what a mistake. I came home from work one day and the house was hotter than it was outside! If there was any hope of us getting sleep that night, we were going to need help fast. I called the only company that seemed to offer after hour service.

When they arrived they got straight to work. They were able to diagnose the problem within minutes and started working on it to get it fixed. They didn’t have to go buy parts or wait for them to be ordered, they had everything they needed to make the fix already with them in their truck. They explained everything to me before they did it to make sure I was okay with what they were doing and understood the problem that was happening.

They got the problem fixed quickly, and I’ll just say we slept extra soundly that night. We no longer take our air conditioning for granted after seeing how hot the house got without it! Thanks to Alley the problem got fixed right away and we were able to move on. It was so nice to know that someone is there for you when emergencies happen, no matter what time of day it  may be.

We ended up working with Short Sale-Sacramento when we were facing foreclosure and they helped us do a short sale. It left us so much better off than a foreclosure would have and out future is looking brighter. I can’t say enough good things about them.

They understood our situation and were so incredibly helpful. They helped us determine all the details and realize that a short sale was going to be a great option for us in the long run. They had our best interests in mind and were truly there for us to help us in any way.

The short sale worked out and we are so thrilled. It saved us from extra costs and time that a foreclosure would have caused. You never expect to find yourself in a situation like this but if you do, don’t do it alone. Short Sale-Sacramento is there for you!

Vienna Property Managers helped me out big time. I owned a string of properties in Midtown, mostly store fronts and a few apartment buildings above them. It was a lot to manage, and I was tired of putting all my time and energy into them.

They took all of my properties and we talked through each one. I let them know all the specifics and how I had been running things. They noted everything, got familiar with the properties and we formulated a plan on how they would be managed.

It was so great working with Vienna because they really want to manage my properties in a way I am only 100% comfortable with. They make sure I always know everything that’s going on and alert me any time something happens. They are amazing!

I needed a vending machine in my salon for the employees while they were on break, so I called San Francisco Bay Area Vending for the job. I run a big salon, and we have a lot of people coming in and out constantly. So, my employees need a way to grab a quick drink or snack in between their clients. I called them to set everything up.

They’re a local, small business so I knew I wanted to do business with them instead of a big chain. They are super personable and you can tell they just really appreciate your business and care about their customers. They also have all the latest machines and healthy choices for the food and drink selections.

I was able to choose exactly what I wanted to be offered in the machines, and they came and installed everything for us. They put the machine in place, set it all up and stocked it full. They just bill me each month based on what is missing. And they refill it for us each month at our convenience. I couldn’t have asked for a better company to work with! They make it so easy!