Kitchen Countertops in our dream homeHaving the chance to custom build our new El Dorado Hills home was a dream come true for both of us. My husband and I had both grown up in less-than-privileged neighborhoods in the Bay Area, and had worked hard for years to accomplish what no one in either of our families had before. Not only were be about to be homeowners, we were also about to build our home from the ground up. We knew it would be a long and arduous process, but we considered it a labor or love.

During the process, we dealt with many different contractors, suppliers, etc. in the process of making our new home our dream home. But one contractor that stood out to us among the rest was Countertop Designs in Sacramento. We found them as a result of an Internet search but discovered that they have an absolutely gorgeous showroom so that we could come in and look at some of the work they do.

In their showroom were a variety of brands, designs and options for using their products to enliven and beautify our home. We originally went in to look at bathroom vanities, but we ended up with quotes for kitchen countertops and fireplace surrounds as well.

One of the designs we loved was from Silestone because it is sturdy, low maintenance and has a coating that is antimicrobial. We were especially interested in the antimicrobial feature because in the bathroom and kitchen, it is important that surfaces are clean and safe. Plus, we fell in love with the design too.

We were especially happy to learn that the process of installing the countertops and vanities wouldn’t take very much time to complete because most of the work is done in-house. This allows them to be more accurate and time-effective for all of their projects. They told us that they could have both the vanities and countertops done in less than two weeks. After getting the flooring and roofing done a few months prior, this seemed like a godsend. We would have our new countertops in just a few weeks.

After the installation, we couldn’t be happier with the result of our bathroom vanities and kitchen countertops. The craftsmanship was amazing and the staff was really polite and helpful. They even recommended some other contractors that would provide the same excellent service for other jobs we needed done. We are grateful to Countertop Designs for making our dream home a reality.

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