Aside from the costs to get your house in good enough shape to sell it, it can also cost you thousands to sell it through a traditional realtor. On the sale of one home, traditional realtors can as much money as some Americans do in a year. An Assist-2-Sell realtor, however, will sell your home at a discounted rate, but with all of the service you want and deserve.

Coast and County Homes is an Assist-2-Sell realtor selling homes in Vista, Encinitas, San Marcos, Carlsbad and Oceanside. Instead of taking 3% commission on the sale of your home, they work out a flat rate fee. This is mutually advantageous for the seller of the home as well as the realtor because this means that the more homes sold, the more money the realtor can earn. The Assist-2-Sell realtor at Coast and County Homes will also put in the time needed to sell your home, not skimping when it comes to showing your home and putting it in applicable real estate listings. Many of Coast and County clients are happier with them than they were with traditional realtors because Coast and County is happy to provide a discount service without decreasing their focus on customer service.

In a time where selling what is likely your largest investment, selling your home with the help of someone you trust is tantamount to having a good experience during the process. And those who have sold their homes with Coast and County couldn’t agree more. Not only were they satisfied with their experience with the hard work and above-and-beyond service given to them, they were also happy to save thousands of dollars. In this economy, even a savings in the hundreds is significant, but many sellers who sell with an Assist-2-Sell realtor save thousands. For a seller who also hopes to buy another home, this can be monumental!

Many homebuyers and homesellers don’t realize that they have other options when it comes to selecting the best realtor for them. The truth is, you don’t have to sacrifice anything for great service and savings. With Coast and County Homes, you can be confident that your house and home are in good hands.

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