I felt lucky because Alley Heating & Air Repair offers AC repair 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and was able to come out and take care of our problem that same day.

It was Summer, and it was a scorcher outside. We had recently moved into a new home in the Sacramento area and hadn’t thought to check on the air conditioning system before we headed into Summer–what a mistake. I came home from work one day and the house was hotter than it was outside! If there was any hope of us getting sleep that night, we were going to need help fast. I called the only company that seemed to offer after hour service.

When they arrived they got straight to work. They were able to diagnose the problem within minutes and started working on it to get it fixed. They didn’t have to go buy parts or wait for them to be ordered, they had everything they needed to make the fix already with them in their truck. They explained everything to me before they did it to make sure I was okay with what they were doing and understood the problem that was happening.

They got the problem fixed quickly, and I’ll just say we slept extra soundly that night. We no longer take our air conditioning for granted after seeing how hot the house got without it! Thanks to Alley the problem got fixed right away and we were able to move on. It was so nice to know that someone is there for you when emergencies happen, no matter what time of day it  may be.

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