I own a dental office in the San Francisco Bay Area and had been considering getting a vending machine for the waiting room. I noticed a lot of times parents are waiting for their kids during their appointments and thought it would be nice for them to have refreshments and snacks to make their wait time a little more comfortable. I heard about Corporate Cuisine from a buddy of mine and he said they offer great vending services to the Bay Area. They are a small business so they are committed to their customers and the area. I gave them a call and got a quote.

Not only do they have extremely friendly staff, but I was pleased with the competitive prices. They also have the latest machines with the newest technology, not some old dumpy machine. You have the option to choose whatever you want to go into the machines also. There’s even a variety of healthy options to choose from, which I know a lot of the parents in my waiting room will enjoy.

They brought the machine right into the office and installed everything. They even stocked it fully, and it was ready to start being used. It’s only been a few weeks and we’ve gotten great feedback from our customers. They really appreciate the gesture and that they are now able to grab a drink or a snack while they wait. We’ve received incredible service from Corporate Cuisine and I will be recommending them to everyone I know.

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