When I was going to a meeting with one of our clients, I noticed they had gotten a great new vending machine in their office. It got me wondering why I had never thought of putting one in our own offices. I asked them about it and they told me they were using San Francisco Bay Area Vending, a vending machines provider in the San Francisco Bay Area. they highly recommended them and were very pleased with the service they received so far, so I gave them a call.

Their machines are new and up to date, and are stocked with great products. You can choose what gets sold in the machines, including healthy food options. They also take care of everything for you. They bring the machine in and set it up, and then re-stock it for you every month and just bill you according to what was sold from the machine. It’s so easy! I’m so happy I realized we should get one because my employees were very excited about it.

We’ve been using Corporate Cuisine for a few months now and couldn’t be happier. My employees now have snacks and beverages available to them whenever they want them, and don’t have to leave the office to get these items. Everyone who visits our office loves it too. It’s just a great benefit and it was a great choice on our part.

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