I started a non-profit this year and it’s been way more work than I was anticipating. I thought I could handle a lot of our financial needs on my own, but they were getting to me too much and I know they needed to be better handled. I heard about e-Office Team¬†bookkeepers Sacramento, so I met with them for a consultation. They offer non-profits and small businesses bookeepers and financial services in Sacramento.

With their bookkeeping services, they would customize their programs to suit our specific non-profit needs. I loved the idea of this and was happy they understood that we weren’t just a typical business. We could track donations and different things that normal businesses wouldn’t have a need for.

I decided they were definitely the right choice for us and they have made such a big difference. Everything is managed so well and stays organized. They are able to handle anything that comes our way and make it all work so seamlessly. I’m so happy with the choice I made to go with e-Office Team and my non-profit wouldn’t be running the same without them!

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