Same Day Auto Title Loan gave me peace of mind when I was feeling like I had nowhere else to turn to. With bad credit and a sick mother, I was running out of cash pretty quickly. I needed to make sure that I was going to be able to afford my rent and my mom’s medical bills.

When my mom got sick earlier this year, I knew it would be a burden on my finances, I just didn’t know how much of a burden it would be.  I ended up taking out an auto title loan from Same Day Auto Title Loan because it was the fastest and easiest way to get some cash into my bank account.
And the staff at Same Day Auto Title Loan was really helpful and made sure I understood everything I was signing up for as far as contracts and interest. Basically, I was taking a loan out on my car and would give the company the title of my car for collateral. Then I would pay off my loan with a low interest rate over a certain period of time.
Taking out this auto tile loan in Sacramento truly revolutionized the way that I lived for the last few months because I wasn’t stressed about money while my mom was sick. I didn’t want the stress of it all to affect my health either, so it made a huge difference to both myself and my mother.
I trust the people at Same Day Auto Loan and know that with them, I am getting all the help I need. I am now back on my feet financially and my mother is doing great. Oh happy day!

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