My mother in law was coming in town and a week before she was scheduled to arrive our air conditioning started having problems. It was blowing out air but the air wasn’t cool. The house was stuffy and it was clear there was a problem. I needed to get the problem fixed, fast. I called Alley Heating & Air. They offer AC repair in the Sacramento area 24/7, which is hard to come by these days. They responded right away and made their way out to the house.

They assessed the problem and worked like true professionals. They diagnosed what was wrong and were able to make a quick repair to get it back up and running. Not to mention they charge a very fair price. I was worried having such a last minute repair need was going to cost me, but they charged me the same price they’d charge anybody else and it was very fair.

They helped me out when I needed them and came to our rescue. They were able to fix the problem in no time and got our house back up to a livable temperature. I can’t thank Alley enough for their service and will definitely be using them in the future and recommending them to all of my friends.

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