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Are you an eco-conscious consumer? Do you faithfully recycle everything you can and compost your waste products? Do you only buy items made of recycled materials, unplug appliances when they aren’t in use, and forego the use of aerosol cans? What about your web hosting? Is it eco-friendly? Whoa, you say. You don’t know what eco-friendly web hosting is? If so, you aren’t alone, because many people aren’t even aware that such a service exists. Green web hosts, however, are committed to social change in order to save our planet’s resources, and if you are truly green at heart, you’ll want to look into one of these companies for your web hosting needs.

Eco-friendly web hosting companies are just what you’d expect them to be. Instead of using energy-guzzling servers and wasteful office practices, these people are trying to run their businesses in a responsible way that will preserve the environment. Instead of operating on electrical current, they rely on wind and solar power to run their servers. They shut down work stations when they aren’t in use to save the drain on energy, recycle office wastes, and leave the smallest carbon footprint that’s now available. By purchasing your hosting services from a company like this, you’ll be helping to do your part, too.

Oil is not a renewable resource. In addition, oil companies are having to go to such lengths these days in order to tap into oil reserves, that even more environmentally-damaging situations can happen, such as the BP oil gusher pouring into the Gulf of Mexico. The less oil we can use to run our cars, heat our homes, and power our servers, the better off we’re going to be. Harnessing the wind and letting it generate energy is a much more responsible solution to the problem of energy. Wind power reduces the carbon footprint, uses no depleting resources, and is a very clean source of power.

If you stop and look into what man has already done to damage the planet Earth, you can start to comprehend how important it is to stop the irresponsible practices that have caused all the harm and to start doing everything we can to develop renewable resources and use them on a daily basis. Although it may not seem like much, you can help do your part by using an eco-friendly web hosting company for your needs.

All it takes is a single tree. One aged tree can provide enough oxygen for two human beings on this planet. A planet currently suffering from ecological damage. The Tech Industry alone accounts for nearly 2% of the greenhouse gas emissions raveging our environment. How can you help? By going environmentally friendly with your web hosting.

Eco Friendly Web Hosting

Eco Friendly Web Hosting

There are tons of “carbon neutral” hosting companies out in the market right now. To be “carbon neutral” a hosting company need to have a net zero carbon footprint – gained by balancing the amount of CO2 released with an equivalent offset. There are numerous ways to implement this offset. One is by swapping what is lost – for a lot of companies this means getting involved in reforestation programs. Yet another method to offset is by funding projects that lead to the the avoidance of future greenhouse gas emissions, or by buying “carbon credits” to remove them through “carbon trading”.

The great thing is you don’t have to worry about sacrificing good quality hosting to going eco-friendly. Many green hosting companies offer the same products and services as their non-green competition. This includes web site templates, site management tools, blogging platforms, database options and several times free marketing tools and software. One highly rated green hosting company is SuperGreen. Their accounts include unlimited space, unlimited traffic, a free domain name, and a $25 marketing credit for only $3.95 a month. offers a plan for $7.00 a month and is dedicated to planting one tree every month for each account they host through the California Wildfire Releaf program. If you’d like a wind powered host, HostGator lists their accounts at $7.95 a month and includes all the options you’d expect from other hosting services.

Something to consider – this year alone wildfires in California have managed to ruin over 121,000 acres of forest and there seems to be no fast end at the moment. By hosting your site with Cr8change, you can help avoide some of this damage by having 12 trees planted in the next year simply by hosting your account with them. Setting up an account with HostGator would create no carbon footprint as wind power does not create greenhouse gas emissions.

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Maximize The Value Of Your Webhost Through Hostgator Discount Coupons

You are in all probability curious about HostGator and is most likely the reason that you are reading this page. Odds are, you may need a dependable internet host that may offer you the benefits and positive aspects that you really need to make your business effective online. In this regard, you’ll have the to make sure that you simply would be in a position to get the most beneficial value for the dollars and small business.

As a web hosting provider HostGator prioritizes assistance, major time. They provide 24/7 tech support so if your website goes down or you just can’t figure out how you can add a brand new e mail account they are more than delighted to assist you. The top point about their support could be the reality that you could access them through telephone, email/support ticket and Live chat.


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One of the best benefits that you will acquire from this provider could be the truth that they will not force you in to a particular bundle or program. It’ll be up to you to come to a decision on which one would very best fit your wants. In case you usually are not pretty specific about which one would very best suit you, you’ll be able to consult their support staff to help you make a smart choice.

Nevertheless, this certain provider could be the only one that has been rated to have wonderful support. This is since they are able to supply timely and efficient options to consumer issues – no matter what it may possibly be. In a sense, they may be in a position to go the additional mile just to have the ability to guarantee satisfaction.

In the event you are searching in to reselling, this provider could be in a position to give you what you may need. It has the potential to give you with adequate bandwidth and disk space according to your desires. For those who have minimal needs, you may opt to get the simplest plans that they have for resellers.


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Webhosting – 130% Powered By Wind Energy

When choosing a web hosting company, how would you feel if you new the company you were working with had a concern for the environment.  A company that felt strongly enough about reducing emissions and greenhouse gasses to actually replace 130% of it’s energy usage by purchasing the equivalent REC’s (Renewal Energy Certificates) for the electricity used to power and cool their servers.

One such company is HostgatorHosgator is a large website hosting company that requires a tremendous amount of energy to run, yet they have made a commitment to purchase 130% REC’s.   That means they are putting 130% renewable energy back into the power grid.  They are not only replacing all of the power they use with eco friendly power, they are replacing 30% more!  Amazing!   All of Hostgator’s REC’s are purchased from wind farms in the state of Texas.   If you are concerned about the environment, Hostgator should be your web host of choice.

Hostgator purchases their REC’s from 3Degrees.  3Degrees is a large renewable energy broker.  Hostgator has chosen to purchase it’s REC’s entirely from Wind Farms located in the state of Texas.

With the purchase of these REC’s, Hostgator is able to prevent over 3,500 TONS of Carbon Dioxide from entering the atmosphere every year.  To give you an idea of how much Carbon Dioxide this equals, this is equal to burning 18 Railroad Cars worth of coal, or the amount of CO2 produced by 650 automobiles for a whole year.

The production of electricity is the number 1 leading causes of gas emissions that contribute to global climate change.

By purchasing 130% of the electricity used, Hostgator is reversing, not  simply neutralizing, its environmental impact. By utilizing these methods Hostgator actually lowers pollution, reduces climate change, and encourages the development of our national renewable energy resources.


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Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly Web Hosting Services

If you are like most people, protecting the environment is a priority for you.  All of us have a vested interest in keeping the environment clean from pollution.  As the population of the world increases and the demand for goods, products and services increase, so does the likelihood that the production of those items will lead to polluting our environment.

When we are talking about being “Environmentally Friendly” we are most often talking about lowering our carbon foot print, and reducing emissions (pollution) to the environment that result in what are known as “Greenhouse Gasses”.  These emissions can lead to acid rain, damage the ozone, and have long term negative effects to the environment.  These are typically created when producing electricity through conventional methods.

The good news is, many providers of goods and services are now offering options to us that are “eco friendly” and not harmful to the environment.  And, they are doing so at no additional cost to you, in fact, many times these same companies are able to do it even less expensively than their competitors.

Brazos Wind Farm in the plains of West Texas

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One of the challenges for companies today is the fact that running a company, especially a technology company requires a lot of energy to run.  With all of the electronic equipment needed to run a company today, the energy requirements are enormous.

Companies that do demand a large amount of energy can purchase what are known as REC’s.  According to the EPA (Environmental Protection agency) A REC is a “RENEWABLE ENERGY CREDIT“.  1 REC = 1 Mega Watt Hour (MWh) of electricity generated via a renewable generation method and delivered to the power grid.  This energy can then be used like any other electricity, but instead of being generated in a method harmful to the environment, it is friendly to the environment, and sustainable.

These certificates are typically purchased from Wind Farms.

Using this method a company can determine their energy usage, and purchase the equivalent amount of REC’s to meet that demand.  In some cases, companies will actually purchase more credits than their actual usage.

One such company is HostgatorHosgator is a large website hosting company that requires a tremendous amount of energy to run, yet they have made a commitment to purchase 130% REC’s.   That means they are putting 130% renewable energy back into the power grid.  They are not only replacing all of the power they use with eco friendly power, they are replacing 30% more!  Amazing!   All of Hostgator’s REC’s are purchased from wind farms in the state of Texas.   If you are concerned about the environment, Hostgator should be your web host of choice.


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