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FatCow $56 Plan

Yes, it’s true!  In case you haven’t heard it, Fat Cow hosting has gone 100% Green!  They are now powered 100% by Wind Power!

This is great news as we can now add another amazing web host to the list of eco friendly web hosts.

Give them a try!

Fat Cow 100% eco friendly webhosting

Our offices and our data centers are all 100% powered by wind energy. You can be proud that the machines hosting your website and email are fully eco-friendly!

How It Works

Since generating wind energy on site isn’t feasible, we’re offsetting all of our electricity use with wind-generated Renewable Energy Certificates, which prevents the release of 2,660 metric tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere each year.

That figure is staggering when you consider the estimated yearly benefit to the environment is equivalent to any one of the following:

  • planting approximately 2,390 acres of trees
  • not driving 6.1 million miles
  • removing 510 cars from the road

Why Go Green?

Quite frankly, our employees and our customers were the driving factors behind our decision to go green. This initiative isn’t a marketing ploy; our staff members encourage responsible environmental practices inside the office and practice them outside the office. And, we know that many of our customers feel just as strongly.

Reduce your carbon footprint by hosting your site on servers powered 100% by wind energy.

All the Cowbells and Whistles

With unlimited disk space, unlimited data transfer, unlimited mailboxes and ShopSite’s online store, the FatCow plan is the perfect home for your individual or small business website.

So, there you have it – all of the features you could ever dream of in a hosting company, at a super low price, and all 100% wind powered, click on the link below and sign up today!  The earth will be glad you did!

fat cow has gone green

fat cow has gone green


Wind Powered Web Hosting

FatCow Plan

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Hosting Control Panels: A Web Host Comparison

Your web host provider will offer you a control panel and this will enable you to better manage your site. The control panel is where a user can look after their entire site and holds information on statistics, traffic, hosting functions, access to FTP, email account access, domain issues and the ability to manage files, amongst much more.

The current market has a great number of products to choose from but cPanel is the most popular. Other products include Hostopia, Ensim, VDeck, Sphera, and NextGenCP although there are countless more. Each site has its own individual techniques and style. Each host will have their own preferences with regards to control panel and their decision may be based on which platform they use. The decision about which panel to use is invariably based on price, features and compatibility with certain platforms.

These are features you need on a control panel:

Mail Manager

Mail Manager

Addon Domains

MIME Types

Hot Link Protection

Index Manager

FTP Manager



MySQL Database Manager

PostgreSQL Database Manager

MS SQL Manager(Windows only)

MS SQL Manager(Windows only)


Web/FTP Stats


SSL Manager

PostgreSQL Database Manager

MS SQL Manager(Windows only)


Frontpage Extensions

Web/FTP Stats

Web/FTP Stats

Network Tools

Hot Link Protection

IP Deny manager

There are issues that separate control panels, and one is how it easy the panel is to use. A panel like Plesk may offer simple and friendly tools and options whereas cPanel offers many functions. To ensure you make the right choice of control panel, you need to know what is available. You can find out more by studying the following:


Linux based systems is where cPanel is mainly found. It can offer assistance for over 10 types of Linux the and at the moment does not cater to Windows or OSX. cPanel is helpful in controlling everything your site needs including MySQL database to email issues and much more beside.

The range of features and functions provided by cPanel is higher than many services available today and this diversity and price are key reasons in why cPanel is so popular.


Plex is available for Linux and Windows web hosting servers where cPanel is not. Many users find it helpful that Plex has an interface similar to Windows XP. The control panel looks good and offers many features available in cPanel. It can enable any user to build their own site with easy to sue tool. It offers many features but it may be viewed as more expensive than other products, especially cPanel.


Many users appreciate HSphere. Similar to Plesk, it is compatible with Windows and Linux. Many functions are provided including the ability to have complete automation and many key functionalities but it offers less than Plesk or cPanel.


DirectAdmin features a number of options that other control panels do not have. However it comes out lacking, when compared to features available with cPanel or Plesk. Furthermore DirectAdmin does not support Windows based platforms, and only supports a few flavors of Linux. On the plus side, it is cheaper than cPanel.


Available for Windows and Linux, Ensim doesn’t have a lot of features but it has an interface that is adequate.


Interworx is purely for Linux web hosts but it has a simple interface and features like usage snapshot which are impressive.

Hosting Accelerator

This service is only for Windows and it can feel a bit cluttered which may overwhelm a number of users who are new to this style or technique.


A key feature of Helm is the ability to view bills within the control panel but it is only available on Windows.


The CWIPanel aims for Windows server management. It is an average product.


Again, InsPanel is Windows based and has little to stand itself out from the crowd.

There are many control panels but cPanel remains the favorite due to its cost, easy to use functions and wide range of features.

However, there are new control panels emerging all the time and NextGenCP looks very impressive. It may have been developed over a number of years but it appears to be worth the wait.

You can tell that modern internet technology has shaped this product. It is simple to use and has been created specifically for web hosting clients. It has such a great ease of use that even novices can pick it up in next to no time. It is said it takes no more than mouse clicks to perform any function. It may seem simple but there is a lot going on and all of the functions aid web site management. The makers of the service have also issued all users with a challenge and if they can think of something they would like in the next version of the product, they will incorporate it.

These are some of the features you could use in NextGenCP:

Gain control over your domain:

All users have full control of any domain and sub-domain and the registration process is very simple. Users have full control over their domain as well as sub-domain. They can also register and host their own domain names easily and quickly.

Database Management:

This product makes it extremely simple to create and manage your very own database with just a few clicks of the mouse. phpMyAdmin provides the database management and the data is secured by Database Backup Manager.

Take control of the mail accounts:

It is very simple to add and control email accounts using this system. have provided many SPAM filters which should vastly reduce the amount of junk a user receives. There are also features to organize mail accounts, and look through and filter mail that is not desired.

Site Tools:

NextGenCP offers many tools to improve the site and managing a website has never been simpler. Script Installer, Hotlink protection and IP Access Manager are just some of the tools on offer.

Sites Statistics;

This information will provide total knowledge of visitors and show how much bandwidth is being used and the usage of email accounts per day.

System for Support:

Every user of this product will be granted full support assistance. By sending off a support ticket, the matter will be considered by a staff member very quickly. It is said that the average time for response is 15 minutes.

With so many impressive features, there is no doubt that NextGenCP looks one of the best web host control panels ever created. It is also good to hear that web hosting  is promising to continually improve the service each and every day.


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