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What is Green Web Hosting?

There is a recent rise in the popularity of Green Web Hosting because of the concern for the nature. Many industries have taken action and play their part in helping by reducing energy consumption and recycling. The same goes for the web hosting industry.

Firstly, let get a better idea about green web hosting. This type of hosting is a kind that uses nature-friendly power source for their daily activities. As we all know, servers are like appliances that requires electricity. The servers are on 24 hours a day and therefore, it consumes a lot of energy. So, green web hosting companies put their efforts in using only renewable energy sources.

Not all companies have the resources to generate their own renewable energy. Therefore, those companies can turn to supplied energy by choosing to buy Renewable Energy Certificates. By doing this, they can get energy generated by wind, solar or even biogas. Companies that generate their own energy also use energy generated by either solar power, wind turbines or other methods. This gives them ability to power their machines with this renewable energy.
So, what does this entire means? It means that web hosting companies are saving the planet by reducing carbon emission. It also allows companies to purchase offsets enabling them to mitigate their own greenhouse emissions. So, this can ease the hosting company from starting their own wind farm or solar power generator.

what is green web hosting

what is green web hosting

Another added value that the green web hosting has is their special offers on packages to non-profit organizations. It is their act to not only encourages organizations to use web hosting but also encouraging the use of renewable energy and paperless working environment. Some web host with green hosting also provide web host services to companies that have telecommuting being used by their staff and workers.

However, does green hosting cost more? Well, this is a question that we all need to think deep about. Green we hosting companies may run at a higher daily operation cost compared to other web host provider companies but the idea of having a paperless company using renewable energy is something that is encouraging. With a single company operating in this way, it can reduce a whole lot of waste and reduce a lot on energy consumption which will directly help in preserving the nature. So, saving the earth does come with a price and it is not a big one to pay if you’re supporting a green web hosting company. Not only do you play your part in saving nature, you also get you web hosting needs.

green web hosting

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iPower Goes Green

100% Wind Powered

wind energy emblem

If you choose iPower for your webhosting needs, you can be proud that the machines hosting your website and email are 100 percent eco-friendly!

Even the companies offices are 100% powered by wind energy.


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Webhosting – 130% Powered By Wind Energy

When choosing a web hosting company, how would you feel if you new the company you were working with had a concern for the environment.  A company that felt strongly enough about reducing emissions and greenhouse gasses to actually replace 130% of it’s energy usage by purchasing the equivalent REC’s (Renewal Energy Certificates) for the electricity used to power and cool their servers.

One such company is HostgatorHosgator is a large website hosting company that requires a tremendous amount of energy to run, yet they have made a commitment to purchase 130% REC’s.   That means they are putting 130% renewable energy back into the power grid.  They are not only replacing all of the power they use with eco friendly power, they are replacing 30% more!  Amazing!   All of Hostgator’s REC’s are purchased from wind farms in the state of Texas.   If you are concerned about the environment, Hostgator should be your web host of choice.

Hostgator purchases their REC’s from 3Degrees.  3Degrees is a large renewable energy broker.  Hostgator has chosen to purchase it’s REC’s entirely from Wind Farms located in the state of Texas.

With the purchase of these REC’s, Hostgator is able to prevent over 3,500 TONS of Carbon Dioxide from entering the atmosphere every year.  To give you an idea of how much Carbon Dioxide this equals, this is equal to burning 18 Railroad Cars worth of coal, or the amount of CO2 produced by 650 automobiles for a whole year.

The production of electricity is the number 1 leading causes of gas emissions that contribute to global climate change.

By purchasing 130% of the electricity used, Hostgator is reversing, not  simply neutralizing, its environmental impact. By utilizing these methods Hostgator actually lowers pollution, reduces climate change, and encourages the development of our national renewable energy resources.


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