If you’re in the market for new granite countertops, there’s a new process that countertop fabricators are using. It involves using CNC Machines and AutoCAD to precisely cut your granite, marble or stone countertops to fit your cabinets.

Countertop fabricators can now take dimensions of what your countertop and using autoCAD plug in the measurements to create a three dimensional model of you cabinets. Once the auotCAD measurements have been entered, they are then sent over to the CNC machine for cutting. The laser cutters of the machine will cut your countertop pieces perfectly to fit your kitchen or bathroom.

By using this process contractors no longer cut the stone outside your house, which means no mess, no noise, no distraction. It also speeds the process up and cuts out almost all human error. The next time you’re looking for granite countertops for your kitchen or bathroom make sure the company you choose uses precision cutting and state of the art technology to give you exactly what you want.

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